Floriani Stitch N Wash Water Soluble Tearaway Stabilizer


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    Stitch N Wash is a unique tearaway composed of soluble and non-soluble fibers.  This soft tearaway is ideal for open style embroidery or decorative stitching on linen, batiste, and delicate cottons.  Once the stitching is complete, dampen the backside of the item and the soluble fibers of the stabilizer will release from the stitching without causing distortion.  The non-soluble fibers remain within the stitching for ultimate stability.  Use the convenient 8.5″ x 11 sheets to print foundation piecing designs or patterns.


    FSW811 25 pcs

    8.5″ x 11 Sheets

    21cm x 28cm

    Style No: 2810

    Stitch N Wash Tearaway

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Product Code: FSW811 25pcs.

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