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    Compatible with all embroidery formats, you can take your family photos and turn them into thread art instantly. With the included Flip Pal scanner it has never been easier to capture your photos, wallpaper, fabric, and then -presto- it’s turned into embroidery with PE Design Plus.

    Advanced, user-friendly graphical interface makes using PE Design Plus as intuitive as using most popular computer-based programs:
    • Quickly identify program functions with intuitive icons
    • Customize favorite operations on the toolbar
    • Watch it sew on screen with the sewing simulator
    • Edit your embroidery while viewing a realistic image of it

    Enjoy these exceptional design and editing features:
    • Design library, with various designs and shapes including Rectangle, Circle, Heart and Star
    • Automatically convert image into embroidery with the PhotoStitch™, Auto-Punch and Cross Stitch functions
    • Design stitch count is automatically recalculated when your design is resized
    • Scale, Rotate, Flip designs
    • Create custom hoop sizes – perfect for most brands of embroidery machines
    • Organize stitch files
    • Print out your templates

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