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    The SR2 Machine Quilter offers a high-quality machine quilting frame at an affordable price. This is the first of our frames to feature 2 rails and the new Quilt-Clasps for easy fabric control. Just clip the Quilt Clips to the quilt and rail for even tension without having to roll the fabric.


    SR2 Frame Features

    quilt-clasps fabric loading

    Easiest Fabric Loading Yet

    Quilt Clips let you clip the layers of fabric to this 2-rail frame. No need to roll the layers on the front rail.

    smooth sewing machine carriage

    Smooth Professional Carriage

    Includes a smooth gliding professional series carriage with steel wheels.

    sewing machine clamps

    Sewing Machine Base Clamps

    Base clamps included to keep your sewing machine in place.

    Fabri-Fast fabric attachment

    Easy Fabric Attachment

    For attaching the fabric layers to the take-up rail, the Fabri-Fast™ slots and tubing make it easy, without the use of tacks, ties, or tape!

    Size Specifications

    Physical Frame Size

    SR2 Quilting Frame Size


    Work Area:

    (The work area allows for room on the sides of the frame for bungee clamps. It is roughly the size of the quilt you can work on with the frame.)
    Crib: 33″

    Accessories Included:

    • Grace Speed Control
    • Bungee Clamps (set of 4)
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